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Old 16-02-09, 10:15 AM
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Post Bright Eyes Drops vs Can-C and their other re-brands of it

It is a very long story... but Can-C are our arch-rivals.

Yes, it was first discovered in Russia in 1988 that carnosine dissolves cataracts ...but it was Professor Boldyrev who first made this breakthrough discovery and this is who we work with.

Professor Babizhayev is a Professor of Business Studies and saw the opportunity and stole all Professor Boldyrev's original ideas and work and went ahead to apply for patents. Note, applied; I've personally still not seen any granted.

To be perfectly honest, they aren't very ethical people and spout much propaganda without any scientific backing for what they say - we even removed the vitamin A & E from our drops, which we knew to be beneficial, because of all of their un-substantiated claims that the vitamins stopped the drops from working. Exactly the same as he is doing again now regarding supplementation with zeaxanthin and luetin, another of our eye care products, where all supportive scientific evidence, plus our tens of thousands of patients results, state to the contrary.

Yes, they altered their formulation a year or two back and we think that it is now made somewhere in Eastern Europe by the look of the last box of theirs that we saw, which was of poor quality with spelling mistakes, which doesn't instill much confidence.

But the main challenge they have now is that they changed the pH of the formulation. The drops can sting slightly when applied and this varies with different people's pain thresholds; just as one member of a family can carry a hot dish to the dinner table with their bare hands where another member of the family then picks up the same dish and 'burns' their fingers; same dish, same temperature... just different pain thresholds.

Human tears are pH 7.4 and the closer that you get to that the less they sting... but what they didn't realise was that this is an integral part of the drops delivery mechanism that carries the carnosine through the cornea and delivers it to the lens of the eye. So they increased the pH to negate the stinging... and now yes, theirs don't sting... but where they really shot themselves in the foot is that they consequently don't actually work either.

We have many people now who have tried their drops and then come to us and have then used ours with excellent results. People say that our drops are much more expensive but if you compare spending $500 on something that you derive no benefit from to $1,000 for something that gives you the results that you are looking for - which is the better value for money..?

Also, they steal all our testimonials and press articles saying that they pertain to their drops, which is blatantly untrue, and is gross misrepresentation of their product, as they are obviously only interested in their own personal financial gains as opposed to their customer's needs and well-being as they are well aware of the facts and should take their current formulation off the market until such time as they revert back to a formulation that actually works. I expect that they had to do a massive run of them so you never know, they may look to resolve the issue when they do come to do another run in the future.

All the best,

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