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Ethos Reaches Around the World

Many of you already know that Ethos has grown tremendously over the past ten years since its inception back in 2000. I wonder if you all realise that it is not just Membership numbers, volumes of business and size of monthly bonus cheques. We have also witnessed great growth in the number of Countries in which we now have Members with 87 at present. These foreign Members have little or no local support, yet quietly and steadily they are developing superb businesses.

This hasn't happened overnight and the determination and passion of these pioneers proves what heroes they are. Below are just a few of the many comments we have received recently.

Firstly, some from the UK...

What ETHOS has done for us:

I have always been fortunate enough to know that network marketing was a powerful way of developing a strong income, but you do not realise just how powerful it is until it starts to happen.

When I initially got involved with Ethos, I was excited at the possibilities of what lay ahead, as you usually are with a new venture.

I have seen networking change a lot of people's lives, for the better. I have also seen people who have started, then for one reason or another change direction. In our current economic environment it is very important to try and develop multiple streams of income, because we do not know what is down the road; it's always best to be in control if you can.

At the end of last year our Ethos business really started to take off with all the activity and excitement we had been working for. The time had come - Ethos's magical formula had come of age. Well, at a time like this, who benefits? The answer is simple; everyone who is involved.

One thing we have to remember is that building a successful network marketing business is a journey, with constant variables moving forward.

Our journey has taken an incredible turn. We are now in a position to make positive judgements on the everyday things around us. I was in a fortunate position in April to be able to purchase a sports coupé car that I have had my eye on for some time, but it had been out of reach because there were other things that took priority.

Now, thanks to Ethos, the other priorities have been taken care of. Life really is worth living and, taking charge of your life rather than your life taking charge of you is great. Also we have been able to make the decision to go on a family fun holiday, which has not been possible before. The pressures of life have been dramatically reduced and the priorities have changed.

If these are the sort of things we are able to do after such a short space of time, then the future really is rosy.

Our Ethos journey has only just begun.

Ahmed & Bisola Yoozooph, UK

And here is one from Ahmed & Bisola's sponsor - Roger Cooke:

I was a manager in a bank who in 1989 along with hundreds of others at the time was put out to grass. I had never heard of networking and when a friend took me along to a meeting it was a revelation. I took to it naturally and have made many friends along the way including the owner of Ethos, Pete. I am now 59 and since my 'retirement' have been in several networks but none of them were anything like as good as Ethos.

In 2003 I was in 3 networks and in one had a downline exceeding 3,000 but I was not comfortable with some of their activities. In early December I realised that I had to make a decision on my future. The decision I made was to give 100% to Ethos and ditch the other networks. This was a brave decision as my income was coming from these businesses and my Ethos downline was under 200 people. But my mind was made up so I rolled up my sleeves and got on with the job. Some 4 months later my downline is nearly 3,000 strong and I have more than made up for the income I walked newaway from. Ethos has some excellent products which really do help people lead happier and healthier lives.

I am confident we have even more rewarding times to come so if you're not yet a member I invite you to join us NOW.

Roger Cooke
Diamond Executive Distributor


And Warren Bell, another committed Ethos Member...

I had been trnewawling the internet for some time looking for an opportunity when I stumbled across Ethosplan; having looked at what was on offer I had no hesitation in joining, as it just felt right. I liked what I had read and, having spoken to Pete on several occasions, I got the impression that this was a man whose heart was in the right place and, rather than putting something together where he could reap all the rewards, Ethos was about giving everyone the opportunity to succeed whether for business or health reasons or both.

Since the launch of Ethos Endymion and Ethos Bright Eyes, sales have rocketed and these amazing products sell themselves, As I have said on many occasions, what more could you want from products that are helping people to achieve optimum health and also improving their quality of life. On the business side it is truly phenomenal. For just £10 you become a lifetime member of Ethos and you are set up in business within 5 minutes with your own personalised website. This then entitles you to 30% bonus on all retail sales through your site and a 30% discount on all your personal purchases made in the password-protected members' area. All payments, orders and shipping are handled by Ethos HQ - all you are required to do is to direct people to your site by whatever means and the rest is all taken care of. In a word 'simple' - no jargon, no hype, no empty promises. Pete, just keep doing what you're doing; you do it well.

Warren Bell, Bournemouth, UK


Now to Helga from Germany. I love the e-mails to and from Helga. I have never met her yet I know she is always smiling. It is great to see her success...

To me, Ethos is the most ethical Networking-business there is! My first experience with this new business-medium - I became a member early in 2003 - is also the best. I learned later about other Network Marketing companies - and I congratulate myself again and again to have started out first with Ethos.

Here truly the customer is King - and not only the customer but the member as well. Everything has always been dealt with IMMEDIATELY by the Chief Executive himself, and not only right newaway, but also in the most positive manner imaginable.


More power to you!

Now I only hope all those new members will keep up that high ethical standard of our company.

Helga Zwetz-Zuehlke in Germany

Did you know that Ethos is in Australia? Here is a note from Margaret in Queensland...

Hi Peter,

A few words re Ethos.

I have belonged to Ethos for a number of years, and have found the company to be ethical and honest, and Peter, the owner, a fantastic and caring person. He is always there for his vast Ethos Family, and it is a family, not just another MLM company. Peter researches, and will go literally to the ends of the earth to supply quality products, that could have a positive effect on health.

As far as the products are concerned, I was EXCITED, from the first time that I snewaw the scientific data on the Endymion products. I could not wait to purchase some for my own use. I read every article that I received from Ethos, and was entranced by some of the photographic details.

As far as seeing results, fortunately, I have good health, so I do not notice the dramatic effects that others may experience. However, I want to keep it that way, so I take the products as an "insurance policy" to stay in optimum condition, and at the peak of my game.

I hope the whole world discovers the benefits of belonging to Ethos, and experiences the health and wealth it can provide.

Cheers Peter.

Sincerely Margaret ~ Queensland, Australia


Here is a lovely story from an old friend of mine - Damian in Switzerland...

Dear Pete,

I am pleased to be able to give you a brilliant example of how Ethos really did make a dream come true.

14 years ago I was given a 30-year-old old Norton motorbike for my 30th birthday. Although it "worked", it had spent the majority of its existence in an Eastern Block country, and its condition at the time was a testimonial to both the lack of available spare parts and the ingenuity of the owner to make up for it. I decided to restore the Norton to its original condition and set about taking it apart. It wasn't until the bike had been completely dismantled that the scope of the undertaking became clear: an adapted tractor piston, a home-made alternator and regulator, broken front and rear mudguards and various "adaptations" were only the tip of the iceberg. I needed so many spare parts that I decided to put the bike away and "save up some money" before continuing. However, as the years passed, the Norton simply stood in the garage gathering dust and rust.

It wasn't until I started earning an extra income with Ethos that I actually had enough spare cash to start the project again and have the bike restored. I have enclosed some pictures of the now 44-year-old Norton in all her glory - it is only thanks to the additional income made possible by Ethos that she looks the way she does.

Please feel free to share this story with other distributors and prospects.

Kind regards,

Damian, Switzerland

Some readers will recognise the bike as a Norton ES2 - could that stand for Ethos Success Squared?

Here is one from Einar in Norway. When he joined he was convinced he wouldn't build a Network. He hadn't reckoned with the power of Ethos...


Dear Peter!

Hope all is well over there.

Ethos has been a pleasure for me and I'm having great fun. The products are very useful and good.

I just let the randomiser do the job for me and the other day I took home my first cheque for £100.

I usually get my products free as the bonus pays for them, so there are no expenses.

Ethos keeps what it promises, and it's a joy to see it unfold.



Here's one from Paul Barling who you'll see really hit the ground running...

To Pete - Ethos

We joined Ethos in February 2004 and quickly found that this program was like no other program we had been involved with. Our income for the first 21 days was over £1200, which we were delighted with. Our success continued and we reached Diamond in seven weeks, if we can do it anyone can.

Fundamental to the success of any MLM opportunity is the incredible simplicity of both the pay plan and the method of duplication with Ethos. Of course a big bonus is that we have a unique product that actually does change peoples lives, again very rare in this industry. We are looking forward to more exciting times in the future with Ethos.

Paul & Su Barling - Bedfordshire, UK

And finally one from Andy Hill in Abergavenny, Wales...

Experienced in Network Marketing since 1985, I've experienced many programmes, including Neways, Changes and NutriHealth to name but a few. In all instances, I've been let down by Payment Plans which promise the world, and always give you much less.

Some offer decent rewards for building a downline; in others you need to make any worthwhile money through retail sales.

I want to SELL the product AND build a DOWNLINE - the best way to create a sustainable and worthwhile income.

Ethos IS different. It rewards people well who wish to sell retail to friends, family, colleagues and perhaps further afield with a generous payout on Retail Sales.

THEN it goes further and offers a realistic and worthwhile payout on your Downline sales too - giving you consistent returns for a onetime investment in energy!

This would be enough to make me stick with Ethos as the best Network Marketing Programme on the planet.

But then they go one step further.

They've got their incredible "Randomiser" which basically rewards any "active" member with "FREE" Retail Orders and Downline Members. It really is "money for nothing" and their weekly Sales Incentive Bonus add an extra reward to those who prefer Retail Selling of their wonderful products as opposed to networking.

It's really good to see a company which appreciates BOTH aspects of the business opportunity, because most other programmes, based purely on downline, are non-sustainable (or not profitable) as, after all, any business is "all about the products" on which the rest is based.

And on that note, another area in which Ethos excel, is product. Trying to sell a company offering versions of "high street" vitamins and minerals is difficult - very difficult. Ethos ensure their products are unique and not typically available elsewhere - basically ensuring you a unique selling point and captive market. Oh - and their products really are effective with customer re-ordering around 20-fold to what I've experienced with other companies' products.

I've been with Ethos since 2002 and a very large Downline of members was built up in only a 6-month period - offering me anything up to £10,000 a month in returns, which would be virtually impossible in any other business. And when I tell you it's all done in my spare time, with more than a full time job run along side, perhaps you can really begin to see the potential in being an Ethos member?

Another benefit of Ethos I really like is Egbert - their online live account management tool. You can order products easily, track all your retail orders, view your downline and their activity, number crunch to see how you are doing for the month and, most enjoyably, spend or claim your money.

So, whether you're interested in just buying products for less, looking to sell products to friends and family that will pay for your products and a little more cash besides, or looking to make a business, Ethos is without doubt the best in the industry.

It's changed my lifestyle. Why not let it change yours?

Andy Hill - Monmouth

These are just a small cross-section of Members whose lives have been changed for the better by Ethos. Do you know anyone living in another country who might benefit from the Ethos products and possibly the Ethos Business. You could build your own International Business from the comfort of your own home - just like these Members.

  ETHOS - E-ndeavouring T-o H-elp O-thers S-ucceed

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