Ethos OMC - Organic Mineral Complex

Holistic Ionic Seaminerals from Queensland

Ethos Ocean Mineral Complex

Ethos's Australian Ionic Seaminerals complex is the richest source of essential minerals and trace elements on the planet. Ethos only harvests its Seaminerals from the most pristine areas of the Australian coastline to ensure absolute purity. Australia is almost the size of the United States, yet it has only one fifteenth of the population and is a country that values strict territorial regulations to maintain its pure and untouched environment.

The development of Ethos's exclusive, ionic Seaminerals complex is the end result of over fifty years of accumulated knowledge, research and dedication. Ethos harvests pure, ocean-derived minerals, in custom-built ponds where they are solar-concentrated. The end product is a pure formulation that contains all the known minerals for optimal health and its unique, ionic concentration closely emulates the living fluid found in blood plasma.

The proprietary technology used, bioenergetically concentrates the oceanic liquid formula 100:1 for a coherent energy field within the body, removes all excess salt and stabilises the Seaminerals into the most desirable form of anti-microbial, ionic mineral supplement. No chemical or heat extraction is used to create this special, liquid Seamineral complex. It is a long and tedious secret process that is continually monitored for purity and consistency. So, 1 litre of Ethos Organic Seaminerals Complex contains 100 litres worth of mineral goodness from the ocean.

Why do our bodies need minerals?

If we are to expect longevity in our life, we must have all of the building blocks required to keep our physical mechanisms running successfully. From the very moment of our inception, electrolytes or minerals, both macro and trace, influence every aspect of our lives. Minerals have many roles, and each one is as important and influential as the next; they work together with one common goal 'Supporting All Your Biological Functions'. Minerals enable your cells, through electrical impulses, to communicate with one another and thereby assisting you with every function, whether it be simple movement or immune response to injury or disease. You could say that they keep us 'wired'.

Minerals help to regulate the fluid within our body, and help regulate blood pH. They assist in directing the two-way traffic of getting oxygen into the cells while at the same time aiding in the export of carbon dioxide. Minerals also help to regulate nerve impulses and muscle reflexes. Minerals are essential in the building of teeth, the skeletal system and soft tissue, and are known as the building blocks of cells. They are absolutely essential in human development, from the foetal stage, right through to maturity. Minerals, both Macro and Trace, are essential in maintaining our immune systems and offer vital support, from the very beginning of life, right through to our senior years, helping us to mature gracefully as opposed to aging rapidly.

If one had to seek out a universal catalyst to life, they need look no further than minerals as every known lifeform requires them to exist. A good example of just how influential minerals are is that Magnesium, just one of the essential elements, is required by every lifeform known to man. Without minerals, our brain, heart and other organs would soon cease to function. Traditionally, we used to obtain minerals and trace elements from the food and fluids that we consumed. Unfortunately, this traditional source of essential minerals is no longer a satisfactory one. The standard for agriculture has rapidly shifted from sustainable, chemical-free, organic farming to one where chemical fertilisers, neurotoxic herbicides and pesticides have replaced the safe and nourishing organic farming methods that have sustained mankind for thousands of years.

This has resulted in the standard that has been practised for thousands of years being overtaken by one that has been practised for only a few decades. Today, the food we consume has, on average, only 25% of the mineral value of the food that our ancestors consumed.

This situation has, in a very large way, contributed to a sluggish and sickly society that is increasingly more depressed, less productive, more overstressed and overmedicated and, as we get more obese and sickly, we are drawn, more than ever before, to a seemingly simple solution to this problem, taking more and more medications. It is now the norm for many people to take several medications for several different conditions.

Many medications have adverse side-effects and can cause the body to lose essential minerals and trace elements. The body needs minerals and trace elements to enable communication to take place on a cellular level, for fluid regulation, blood pH, and organ functions. It also needs these essential minerals as they are a catalyst for other nutrients that are just as essential and are an integral part of the immune system. Minerals are also lost during periods of physical exertion, such as exercise and training. This occurs when we sweat as a result of work or play.

We can also lose minerals during periods of illness; for example, large volumes of minerals can be lost as a result of a fever. Caffeine is a well known diuretic and, as such, one can expect to lose minerals whenever one consumes tea or coffee. Alcohol consumption is by far the biggest culprit and causes the body to lose minerals at a highly unsustainable rate. So we need to replenish these minerals in a way that can be most beneficial to our bodies.

Why Seaminerals?

The search for a suitable dietary mineral source led us directly to the oceans. The sheer range of elements found in ocean water is the reason that our oceans are teeming with millions of different lifeforms. The uncanny similarity between ocean water and the fluids within our own bodies further supports ocean water as being a highly suitable and natural source of dietary minerals, both macro and trace. Interestingly enough, ocean water and our own blood plasma has an almost identical concentration and range of elements.

The two tables below show a selection of the 92 essential macro and trace elements contained within every bottle of Ethos Organic Seaminerals Complex.

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It's a well-known fact that our bodies need vitamins but, before we can even start to assimilate and utilise vitamins, a complete balance of minerals must also be available. These minerals must come from an organically-based substance and not from inorganic minerals, like rocks. This is why Seaminerals are the very best source available, as they are the most bio-available to our bodies' needs.

Ionic Seaminerals vs Colloidal Minerals?

Colloidal minerals used to be 'all the rage' but the latest research shows that, because of their larger particulate size, they diffuse slowly, or not at all, making it very hard for them to pass through any living membrane. Therefore, it is very difficult for the body to derive any benefit at all from taking them and they simply pass through the body in the usual ways and are wasted. There is no credible research showing benefits from taking colloidal minerals; claims that they are more absorbable than other forms are also unsubstantiated. Conversely, true ionic minerals are always in solution in water, when applied for nutritional uses, and can easily be assimilated and utilised by the body.

Serving Suggestions:

Adults: 5ml (1 Teaspoon) daily, best taken at evening meal time in juice or water.

Children: 5 drops daily, diluted in water or fruit juice.

Remember your pets need Ethos OMC just as much as you do...

Small Pets (cats and small dogs): 5 drops daily, diluted in their drinking water.

Larger Pets: 10 drops daily, diluted in their drinking water.

N.B. Due to the very highly concentrated nature of the Seaminerals, do not take them undiluted.
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