Ethos E-Etox Extract Pads offer Healthy and Natural Detoxification.
Detox your body while you sleep with Ethos E-Tox Extract patches...
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How would you like to achieve the following benefits?
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • The Removal of Harmful Toxins
  • Enjoy a Deeper and More Relaxed Night's Sleep
  • Awake Refreshed & Energised Every Morning
  • Balance Your Body Energy Naturally
Welcome to Ethos E-Tox Extract Pads - the simple and natural way to achieve all of the above and more! These new patches use a unique combination of Eastern Complementary Healing Methods which work in harmony to remove toxins (detox) from your entire body.
Why do I need to detox?
When we have a high level of toxins in our body our cells become "clogged". They are inefficient and many of our systems slow down. We become tired, irritable, lose concentration easily and, more importantly, we become susceptible to diseases and viruses. We have more colds, catch flu more easily, and even the old arthritis pains return.
The situation gets worse. Because the toxins are clogging our cells, the remedies (Western medicine or Eastern Nutrients) cannot be absorbed properly, so they don't even work as well as they should.
Not only do excess toxins slow you down and encourage you to be ill, they also slow down your rate of recovery! It really is the ultimate 'vicious circle'.
How do they work?
After much research, two Japanese scientists discovered the powers of wood vinegar (in simple terms a distilled compound from tree sap). In particular, it has tremendous absorption qualities and a positive effect on many functions of the body. Further research and refinement has led to Ethos E-Tox Extract which is a pad containing wood vinegar as well as several other natural products. These pads of special ingredients are worn on the feet at night whilst your body is resting. According to many Eastern Medical Therapy systems the feet are the "key" to most body functions. Reflexology and Acupuncture, in particular, have developed treatment methods that are applied via the feet. The powerful, yet non-invasive, ingredients of the Ethos E-Tox Extract Pads use reflexology, far infra-red technology, special herbs and minerals, including eucalyptus and tourmaline crystals, to draw the toxins from the reflexology zones of your feet. Removing the toxins from these zones releases the toxins in the corresponding organs or parts of your body. This all happens harmlessly and effortlessly whilst you sleep.

What are toxins and why do we need to remove them?

Our bodies are miraculous creations. They have developed over thousands and thousands of years. During this time they have gradually adapted to changes in the environment, to the food available and even to climatic change. We have also developed incredible mechanisms to "Heal Ourselves" and created fabulous defence systems. Unfortunately, evolution can only work at a very slow pace. The rapid changes to our lifestyles, environment and diet that have occurred during the last 100 years have been much too fast a rate of change for us to cope with - our bodies need help.
One of the major recent influences on our bodies has been the increase in toxic substances. These are harmful chemicals that are often by-products of modern chemical and manufacturing processes. Toxins are present in the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. Despite the well publicised efforts, the levels of toxins are still increasing and they are being absorbed into our bodies at a faster rate than we can currently remove them by natural processes. These toxins "interfere" with many of our normal body functions such as our ability for defence and repair, our facility to access nutrients from food, our immune system, our energy levels, our ability to concentrate, and so on.
Removing these harmful toxins (detox) enables your body to carry out its designed functions more efficiently. You can fight diseases better, you feel fitter, your concentration improves and your wellness, confidence and overall health rise to new levels.
Why should they be used on the feet?
According to many Eastern Medical Therapy systems the feet are the "key" to most of the body functions. Reflexology and Acupuncture, in particular, have developed specific treatment methods that are applied via the feet. Many Westerners
will happily accept that a foot massage can make you feel "great all over". Eastern culture has refined this to associate certain parts of the foot to specific organs and functions of the body. Treat the foot and you also treat the corresponding part of the body.
Applying the E-Tox Extract pads to the feet removes the toxins from that part of the foot which, in turn, assists the associated organ. Another added benefit is the vibrating effect of the Tourmaline crystals that help to balance the reflex point, again balancing the related part of the body.
Our own research and trials have confirmed that, over a period a time, toxins from all over the body can be removed by simply placing E-Tox Extract on the feet.
This is, by far, the most effective way of removing toxins from your body.
Can I Use E-Tox Extract on any other part of my body?
Many people use E-Tox Extract pads on their ankle, knee, elbow or shoulder - in fact anywhere that they have bruising or soreness or to help relieve period pains. There are, however, two important things to remember:
1) Do not place E-Tox Extract pads over any body opening, an open wound or sore.
2) If using an E-Tox Extract pad on another part of the body you should also ensure you have a pad on each foot at the same time. The foot pads will continue to draw toxins from all over your body whilst the special one will only take them from the area local to wherever it is positioned.
Are there any detrimental side effects to using E-Tox Extract?
There are no known recorded detrimental side effects. However, a small percentage of people have noticed a slight reaction to the detox process. The symptoms of this are similar to "withdrawal" symptoms from a drug or smoking and you may feel shivery, or flu like for a few hours. This is, in fact, a good sign since it shows that large quantities of toxins are leaving your body. These withdrawal symptoms will quickly go but, if necessary, reduce the number of E-Tox Extract pads on your body at any one time. This will slow down the rate of toxin removal to a manageable level. Drinking plenty of water will also help to expedite the detox process.
Remove E-Tox Extract pad and see the difference...
Start Detoxifying your body today and feel the benefits today...
Can you really afford not to???
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