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Default Liens - Commercial/Equitable or ?

Liens - Commercial/Equitable or ?

by huntingross Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:10 pm

My interest has been sparked on this subject, but was raised in the Copyright Trademark thread, so I shall move those posts to here.

Jock has posted a very compelling document on Commercial Liens and the Commercial Affidavit Process.

The document makes it sound very approachable by a lay-man and does not involve the judiciary. It is simply between the lienor and the lienee(s). The judges can not remove it from the lienors property once recorded and seemingly will threaten you with jail unless you "voluntarily" lift it (go figure)...demonstrating they can not do it themselves.

However, when I got to the examples in the Appendix, you require a law degree to understand them and write one.

But it seems to me that all it needs to say is the basics -
1. You owe me money
2. You have been asked alot of times to pay it
3. You still haven't paid it
4. So I'll place this debt on your personal property

I don't see why that requires to have a law degree to say it, or reference to court rulings to prove case history.

This needs to be recorded, my guess would be, if it's against the lienees home, it would be the land registry, if it's against property....well I'm not sure at the moment.

So this is another quest to find out.

See the full article:
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