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Old 16-02-08, 09:04 AM
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Default Detox and take Nutritional Supplements! Read Why

Its beyond doubt now that many Governments including Uk..and USA and Germany and probably many others are sanctioning the dropping of harmfuls chemicals from Airplanes...spraying them in the atmosphere, to try and control the weather systems.

This involves at least heavy metals and other very noxious substances, if you think this is rubbish then perhaps you need to do some research and wake up to the fact that we are being allowed to be poisoned!!

Now you know, what can you do..well take every step you can to assist you body with its normal detoxing actions..

and strengthen and provide your body with the best nutrition available..

so you need Ethos Etox detoxing Footpads, you need Ethos Ocean Minerals, and Ethos Endymion , and also Ethos Marine Phytoplankton, this gives your body the best chance not to succumb to these intentional poisons being sprayed into our atmosphere.

Its not A conspiracy theory folks, there have been whistle blowers who know what is g oing on, and we all need to make sure we are taking extra special care with our health!!

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