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Old 20-03-07, 07:43 PM
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Default results showed that the cancer had stopped growing. There was ?no progression?.

My CT scan to assess the progress of my cancer was performed on January 5th 07. My breast cancer, which had spread to bone and then to chest and lungs had shown signs of growth in the previous scan in October of 2006.

I took your Phytoplankton for about five weeks before this last scan. The results showed that the cancer had stopped growing. There was ?no progression?. Your Phytoplankton was the only treatment I used because I wanted to see what it might do.

The results were very encouraging. An unexpected bonus was the regulation of my blood pressure. It has been a problem for several years but as a result of the plankton, has remained at 100-120 over 64-70 for the past eight weeks with no medication. That is an amazing result.

I continue to take the plankton and anxiously await the results of my next scan in March. Similar results will suggest conclusively that this is a nutrient which stops cancer.

Pat B. Sarnia, Ontario
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