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Old 26-10-06, 07:28 PM
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Smile What To Say If You Are Asked?

Why can't I just eat seaweed for all my mineral needs...

AH well here is the answer straight from the horses mouth!

Question: Why can?t I get all the minerals I need from eating seaweed?

Answer: Seaweed is a good source of macronutrients minerals included. Although richer in elements than many sources of food grown on the land it does not mean that it is rich enough in elements to support the modern needs of the human body.

We are ever increasingly exposed to new stresses due to processed foods which in many cases contain chemicals or ingredients that in some cases disrupt the uptake of certain nutrients , modern stresses due to work commitments and no time to oneself which disrupts family and lets not forget eating patterns.

Many people are taking more and more medications some of which cause constipation which disrupts the bodies ability of extracting certain nutrients from the food we eat whilst other have a diuretic effect which causes the body to lose minerals at a rate where no diet could keep up. Other medications cause far worse symptoms?..

All these compounding factors make it impossible for one to get the required amount of minerals both macro and trace from food alone.

As for seaweed although richer in minerals than some plants grown on land it is not rich enough to support the human body alone. Seaweed is also not nearly as rich in minerals as the sea that surrounds it. If it was it would be a clear fluid with a very bitter and salty taste, it would not be green and leafy. Due to the sodium level of seawater all life forms in the ocean have unique ways of absorbing the nutrients found in seawater, no sea life forms actually absorbs all the elements, whether plant, fish or mammal.

If they did everything from the sea would have a very bitter and salty taste which is not the case. The best way to get the elements is from the seawater itself. This is why we have sea minerals a highly concentrated liquid solution derived 100 percent from pure ocean water with the added benefit of having most of the sodium reduced through natural means of solar evaporation and gravity.

So another good reason to be selling EThos OMC...!

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