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Old 18-05-06, 08:25 PM
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Default MAXPower Water units for larger industrial applications

A) Like the fuel units, they should ideally be fitted to non-ferrous

pipes if that is possible. If it isn't possible they do work on ferrous pipes but it takes longer before the full benefits

become apparent as it can take time for them to magnetise the pipe.

B) One unit is recommended for pipes up to 3/4

of an inch (22mm).

C) For larger pipes you fit multiple units. As the pipe sizes get larger you fit multiple units so

they form a band or collar all the way around the pipe. And as you get onto larger pipes still you then also need to fit

multiple bands of units. On larger pipes it can be a matter of trial and error to see how many give the best results but bear

in mind, if they are fitted on ferrous pipes, it can take a while before the improvements are seen so this can take time to

find the ideal number. A basic rule of thumb is to fit as many units as you need to completely cover the pipe with a circle

of them and then divide that number by 2 and fit that many bands of them. i.e. If you can fit 4 units around the pipe (8

halves) half the 4 and fit two bands of 8 halves = 8 units (16 halves). If you can fit 6 units (12 halves) then half the 6

and fit three bands of 12 halves = 18 units (36 halves). Using the units modularly like this covers all different

applications and pipe sizes as opposed to having many different sized units.
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