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Old 09-02-06, 04:36 PM
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Default Info about Ferrous and Braided Fuel Lines

Personally, from my

experience, I don't think that the magnets attracting or repelling have much overall effect on the way in which the fuel is

conditioned... this is more to do with getting the magnetic field to penetrate the fuel line so it gets to the fuel. This

obviously doesn't really matter on non-ferrous pipes but on ferrous pipes the field is forced through the pipe quicker if

the units are fitted so they repel each other as opposed to attracting each other. You can feel this effect for yourself if

you take a short piece of ferrous pipe and fit two units so that they are attracting each other to the outer part of the pipe

and then use a ferrous screw driver or paper clip and place it inside the pipe under where the magnets are on the outside of

the pipe and you will feel that there is a very week magnetic field inside the pipe. Now swap the units over on the outside

of the pipe so that they are repelling each other and put them back on the pipe in the same place and again feel the field

strength inside the pipe with something ferrous. Immediately you will feel that the field inside the pipe is much stronger as

the field is then forced through the ferrous pipe much quicker. Fitting either of these way the field strength inside the

pipe will get stronger over time as the pipe itself becomes magnetised - the time this takes is down to the carbon content of

the pipe and also temperature is another contributing factor. So fitting the units so that they repel each other on ferrous

pipes will definitely speed up the time it takes for the magnetic field to get through to the fuel inside the pipe and start

its work conditioning it and this give faster results.

Metal braided or pipes reinforced with metal braiding are best

to avoid as this tends to act as a shield and prevent the field of the units getting through to the fuel inside the pipes.

Fitting to braided pipes can still work but if it is at all possible it is best to avoid them, even if it means replacing a

length of pipe with no-braided pipe and then fit the units on the new piece of pipe.

You will see better savings on

petrol engines than on diesel... you will also see better savings on older vehicles as opposed to newer ones as older ones

aren't running as near to optimum efficiency as newer ones are so there is more room for improvement. Also long distance

driving will show better results than urban driving.
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