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Old 26-11-07, 09:54 AM
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Smile Ethos Omc Why Do You Need It?

well several reasons, firstly the soil in many parts of the world is sadly lacking in minerals..hence the vegetables grown, do not contain enough minerals to promote health.

Also because minerals, especially calcium , are required for the body on a daily basis in order to cancel out and reduce the acid load..most of our foods are acid forming.

If we do not have enough minerals, our bodies steal our own calcium from our bones in order to balance the bodies acid alkaline ratio.

Our bodies are electrical in function, the heart actually has an area of nerve tissue which is electric in nature, more so t han other areas of the body, this electrical activity is important, but cannot work properly if the body is over acid..

over acid is the base cause of many many illnesses, the body just does not function optimally when you are over acid,

So make sure you do include the Ethos OMC, as part of your overall nutritional and health maintenance may not seem that important, but this type of ionic mineral supplement which is so concentrated and so natural is just what we all need...

We get excellent feedback from people who stick with this product , they do notice a difference.!

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Old 26-11-07, 08:36 PM
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Anne, I totally agree that minerals are actually more important than vitamins because without minerals, vitamins can't do their job.

And one of the worst sources of calcium is in fact dairy products - because they are not naturally brought to the public, ie they are pasteurised and now all brands of milk appear to be homogenized as well. Milk and dairy products in fact deplete the body of calcium!! The best food sources are dark green leafy vegetables preferably organic. And of course, even organic is not as good at providing all the minerals from the ground as it was years ago because our soils are so depleted. Therefore we all truly do need to take the Ethos OMC to guarantee our mineral intake and help the body to work at its optimal condition. Which reminds me, I need to order another bottle!!

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Old 27-11-07, 09:55 PM
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Smile Right On Mandy!

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