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Old 19-10-07, 10:44 AM
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Default What do I do with my egg?


I have bought a wealth egg, but no instructions came with it, so what do I have to do with it? (if anything) I forgot to order the transmitter so I have one on order now



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Old 11-01-09, 10:44 AM
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Hi Ethos Member

all the Ethos Eggs, need to have a transmitter. The first time your purchase your egg or eggs, lightly touch the egg to the top (crown) of your head for about 10 seconds, this connects the egg or eggs to your own energy field.

The each day , take the egg or eggs one by one, touch gently to your centre of forehead (brow Chakra) three times.

Then looking at the egg, breath in through the nose and out through your mouth three times whilst viewing the egg.

Do the Forehead and breathing each day if you can remember.

I tend to wear the egg on my person, although it is designed to also work whilst sitting on your transtmitter to, its connected to your own energy field, and the touching to the brown chakra and the breathing are helping to keep the egg connected to your field.

Its not drastic if you forget for a day here and there, but on the whole try to remember most days!!

As you all probably know there are a vast number of energy devices out there in the market, that are designed to protect against EMF's, the ETHOS EGG RANGE, work uniquely to eradicate EMF'S from your field and also other environemental stresses, such as energies from others that are negative, we are all energy beings, and as such, keeping our energy field healthy, is just as important as the good nutritional support products that you can purchase from ETHOS.

The ETHOS ENERGY EGGS do not stress your own field in any way, but most of the others on the market do, that founders, designers, and manufacturers have unique testing methods, which is why we know we can sit safely with these eggs. AFter all not everyone has the ability to percieve subtle energies, and to be able to test in such depth..

As they used to say GO TO WORK ON AN EGG!! LOL

~~~~~~World Peace-Freedom From Suffering~~~
The Art of Ho'oponopono
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