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Old 22-01-07, 02:28 PM
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Wink Tested on humans!

I thought I'd share our latest excellent Endymion results with everyone. As a family we have tried and tested Endymion and are firm believers in the power of this product to heal just about anything that can possibly go wrong with us. Because of this we decided to take the family experiment a step or two further....

Star, an eight week old guinea pig, arrived just before Christmas to live with the three adult guinea pigs already enjoying a pretty good life with my son and his young daughter. All they have to do is oink and they get food delivered to their indoor run. Star arrived in apparantly good health but within no time at all it was obvious that she was unhappy, uncomfortable and unwell. The vet treated her for a mite infection. She was given the dreaded steroid injection and anti-biotics to help heal the sore place around her eye. At one time there was no eye visible, only a large red-raw patch of skin. When a scab formed the little one scratched it off again and the healing process looked likely to never end. Nothing seemed to work and things weren't too hopeful for the little scrap of fur after many visits to the vet.

Phil and I discussed trying Endymion and so it was mixed in a small amount of water and liberally pasted onto cucumber, blades of grass and whatever we knew Star would eat. She doesn't like it and although we humans can't detect any taste or smell it is obviously not something a guinea pig would go out and experiment with!

Star now has Endymion inside her and her poorly eye is beginning to heal at last. The hair is beginning to grow back around her eye and she's a much happier little piglet again.

If she could type a letter Star would be sending in her own testimonial right about now. She's had a very tough start to her life but things are easier for her now.

All four guinea pigs have their daily vegetables soaked in a solution of Endymion before they get it and so they are all enjoying the benefits of a product that has been well tested on humans!
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