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Old 19-02-07, 12:51 PM
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Default Some Carnosine questions answered...

Yes... in the tests it was found that L-Carnosine has the unique ability to not only rejuvenate good human cells but it was also found to be selectively toxic to cancer cells - this was then tested against seven different types of human cancer cells with the same amazing results...

L-Carnosine is registered as a 'Food Supplement' in the USA. It is naturally occurring and is in all our bodies already... There are differing amounts of L-Carnosine in humans and animals and there appears to be a direct correlation between the amount of carnosine and overall life expectancy. The amount in the body diminishes with age... by about 63% between the ages of 10 and 70! So oral supplementation is the best way to help replenish the body's natural resources but, more importantly, the body's own L-carnosine is usually locked into muscle tissue, predominantly skeletal muscle, heart muscle, nerve tissue and the brain, and so it isn't generally bio-available.

L-Carnosine is thought to be the body's own repair substance as it only becomes available when you do damage to the body i.e. when doing heavy exercise you hit the 'burn' and start to break down muscle and tissue... this then releases the body's own natural L-Carnosine to go to work repairing the damage... By taking it as an oral supplement it provides bio-available L-Carnosine to the body which then goes around the body looking for damage that it can help to repair. When taken orally there is a window of approximately 2 -4 hours during which it is bio-active and gives its unique cellular rejuvenating function... after this time it is then broken down in the body by carnosinase, back into its two constituent elements, Beta Alanine and L-Histidine, which are both still very useful nutraceuticals in their own right and are also very beneficial to the body. This 2-4 hour window is why we recommend taking it little and often throughout the day to maximise the benefits derived from it. The best suggestion is to dissolve the amount you wish to take each day in a bottle of mineral water and then sip at it regularly throughout the day.

There is a company that manufactures L-Carnosine in the States already but not all L-Carnosine supplements are created equal and not all are 99.9% pure and have the unique ability to rejuvenate human cells. Some are slightly yellowish in colour as they are 'cracked' with other dipeptides as they aren't fully refined. Ethos Endymion is the very purest form of L-Carnosine on the planet and is also guaranteed and certified bio-active but Professor Gallant who is a world leading expert on L-Carnosine and has dedicated his life's work to researching it.

Here are Ethos we pride ourselves on supplying the very best quality life-changing products that do exactly what they say on the tin... we source them from all over the globe and bring them altogether under the Ethos umbrella... we have products from all corners of the globe including; Tahiti, USA, Japan, Australia and the UK. Our suppliers have product liability insurance (average $2million) so in the unlikely event there ever was a problem then they would be covered - in 6.5 years we've never experienced any challenges and because our products really are the very best you can find any where in the world don't envisage having any challenges in the future.

I see below that you mentioned glaucoma and we have seen some excellent results from people using our Eye drops... One lady had been using prescribed medication for several years with no noticeable improvements... she used the drops and on her next 6 monthly checkup her intraocular pressure had reduced from 28mmHg to 14mmHg (normal intraocular pressure is 10-21 mmHg)! Her peripheral vision had improved as well which her ophthalmologist said was very, very rare in cases of people with glaucoma and couldn't believe how well she had responded to the treatment in such a short space of time...
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