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Old 07-05-07, 07:53 PM
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Thumbs up after three weeks - gone!! No pain, no ache just gone. Wow!

Hi Cynthia,

What a trip that you asked about stem cell enhancement! I have not heard about the one your lady mentioned but I have been researching a product for four months and using it for about three weeks. It is called Endymion and it is actually a 99.9% pure powdered form of the dipeptide carnosine and it increases the body's own stem cell output. As you know stem cells can become any part of the body and carnosine when taken internally focuses on areas of illness, disease and damage and fights them.

It is stored in muscle cells and is really the body's repair mechanism and cell rejuvenator. It was discovered/isolated in 1900. A Russian scientist whose wife had a massive stroke and found that after taking this she regained all her faculties. Anyway, the pharmaceutical companies won't touch it even though it has been researched and tested for 107 years because carnosine is based in the body so you can't get a patent for it (i.e.- they can't make money off it).

I found out about it from a friend who kept going on about it but I wasn't into it because it would be one more thing to take care of. But I do have pre-glaucoma and they said it helped bring down eye pressures so I looked into the company and they seemed okay so I figured I'd test it out. I've been using the eye drops and since you can't feel your eye pressure I'll have to wait till I have my next eye appointment. (But I must say people have been telling me that my eyes look "brighter"!)

Anyway I found that they had the same product in powder form for use internally on humans (I've been giving it to my 10 week old puppy Nami as well). I've been taking it and am blown away! I usually use something for at least 60 days before I go on about it but since you asked....I feel marvelous!! Not only is my energy high and clear, my mood has improved. My husband even commented on the fact that I skipped my once a month grouchy period!

Being as there was nothing "wrong" with me to bench mark I just figured I'd be helping myself for the future and of course the anti-aging claims were tempting but after three weeks of taking it I noticed that I feel really energetic. I wake up way before my usual time and I'm rested and awake. My sleep has been so deep that all I remember in the morning is having gone to sleep. So I think this is pretty cool...then I go to work out with my trainer and notice that the intense pain from an injury I incurred in my right groin muscle six years ago is gone. For the first time in six years I don't have pain in that area when I'm working out. Cynthia, I have probably spent $12,000 over the years with chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, personal trainers trying to heal this deep tissue injury. I had a whole story in my head about how I'd have arthritis there when I got older and might have to have hip replacement when I'm really old cause of this - I really got myself going cause nothing in my bag of tricks worked (not even castor oil!) and after three weeks - gone!! No pain, no ache just gone. Wow!
I'm really just getting how incredible this is now that I'm writing it down. I haven't told anybody about it cause I'm still in the "testing" mode but its blowing me away as I share it with you. Anyway, I've attached an article on Endymion. The article is pretty basic but they do address the big "C" on page 5. I also have a technical bulletin if you are interested. Because it's an MLM I'm not sure how much it costs but if your into it I can just give it to you at my cost and we can track your results as part of my unofficial research. I?m sure after trying it you will want to join the company, they are so helpful and truly committed to helping people.

Thanks for asking about this, I now have something else to be grateful about today! Ethos Endymion!

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