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Old 05-05-08, 09:29 AM
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Thumbs up eye doctor yesterday and he agreed there is no trace of a cataract in my "bad" eye...

I sent the following note to my friend when she wanted to know how I made out with the eye drops. I was injured in my right eye (the "bad" one) and a rather large, gray cataract had formed over the years. I was told that they would not be able to remove the cataract because it appeared to have "calcified" - because of the cataract I was unable to wear a cosmetic contact lens so as to give the appearance of matching my "good eye."

Here's my message to my friend: "Just thought you'd like to know. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and he agreed there is no trace of a cataract in my "bad" eye. So the stuff really works! Also, I asked him about the left eye since I had been told I had a cataract beginning there. He looked very carefully and said he detected a very, very slight indication, almost negligible in terms of ever having an operation. (I was only putting drops in my good eye intermittently since I didn't want to waste the drops. Now I'm going to put them in every day and get rid of any trace of a cataract once and for all.) Absolutely amazing! I'm also able to wear a cosmetic contact lens in my bad eye again since the cataract was interfering with my ability to tolerate the lens. I haven't worn one in over three or four years. I am ecstatic."

Marie Sheffield
(An extremely satisfied customer.)
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