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Old 23-02-07, 01:49 PM
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Wink Why We All Need Systemic Enzymes!

A key cause of most illnesses is the INFLAMMATION factor. This can be caused by low grade bacterial infections, that the body is continually fighting, that get into the blood stream via, tiny cavities around our teeth.

Inflammation is also a part of the arterial disease process, thus ETHOZYME is the number one product to take for inflammation! Inflammation causes pain, again think ETHOZYME!

WE all make a substance in our bodies called Fibrin, as we get older our bodies cannot efficiently clear the excess, the resulting problem is a gradual hardening and shrinking of our internal organs ...don't know about you, but I quite like the idea of being able to slow this down and potentially reverse this damage!

Lymphatic systems are our garbage disposal units..many of us have lymphatic systems full of denatured dead proteins, that our bodies have not been able to break down properly during the digestive process. Again ETHOZYME will eat up and dissolve this rubbish..freeing up your immune system to do more important work, and increasing your energy in the process.

Many People have lyphatic congestion ..think ETHOZYME ..for the number one product of choice!

Your Customers will come back again and again for this product!

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Old 16-03-07, 10:20 PM
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Default Any Ethozyme testimonials Yet?

Has anyone used this product themselves and can you let
the forum have some feedback as to what results you are

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