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Old 21-11-05, 07:36 PM
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Default Ohmihead v Hangovers

I've just read a message posted back in '04 reference

advertising Ohmihead and the problems with binge drinking. I've no experience, personally with binge drinkers but I have had

experiences with hangovers, and I don't drink alcohol!

Whenever I've been in a nightclub-type atmosphere: low

lights, loud music, smoke and lots of silly over-the-limit people around me making as much noise as they possibly can - I

always wake next morning with a foul hangover. I maintain that the hangover is definitely not just about alcohol.

If I

was to enter into any similar situation now that I've introduced my body to Endymion, I would definitely take a larger dose

and pints of water before going out the evening before.

Alcohol alone does not a hangover make, just as whiskers do

not make a man :?

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