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Old 11-02-09, 05:23 PM
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Thumbs up Why Ethozyme Is A Crucial Supplement!

and.....why are you not taking it??

We hear and read volumes about heart disease..we are told countless LIES about cholesterol being the CAUSE of blocked arteries etc..sure cholesterol is a factor, but cholesterol is actually produced in the body and is a substance needed in moderate amount by the body.

A very large factor that is a causative factor in heart and arterial problems is down to INFLAMMATION! What is a key benefit of ETHOZYME?? its a natural ANTI one key reason why we all should be on this product as a profilactic..we do not have to wait until we know we have some form of heart of circulatory illness.

Now there are many more benefits to this product, it helps to clean up the secondary system of transportation in the body, known as the lymphatic system, and this is a crucial system that has no pump to move the fluid around..

ETHOZYME goes round like a mini vacuum eating up and digesting the dead proteins that have not been properly broken down during digestion, and are a causative factor in allergies and also in generally blocking up the cellular structures with the body..these dead proteins also lead to inflammation.

If you have pain, inflammation, low energy, immune system issues, benign tissue growths, want to remove scar tissue, and we all need enzymes, as our pancreas become tired and worn out from eating an all cooked food diet..

You really do notice the difference when you take ETHOZYME!!

Try'll like it!

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