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Old 01-10-09, 12:49 AM
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Exclamation UBS has just turned over 4450 names...

UBS has just turned over 4,450 names of American who evaded taxes using UBS bank. This has started a fear tactic from the IRS since the names released are of course secret so as to scare hundreds of thousands of UBS clients from the USA and other countries into compliance under threat of life in jail.

Did it ever occur to anyone that this Robert Wolf might be complicit and should be in jail too? What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Wolf during Obamas campaign collected $370,850 for Obama making UBS the fifth largest contributor to the OBama election campaign. Within days of the UBS settlement of $780,000,000 to settle civil and criminal charges with US government, Obama appointed Wolf to the White House Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Then UBS received 2.5 billion through AIG for financial bailout. Perhaps UBS paid nothing at all and was reimbursed and even compensated for cooperating with the IRS attack on their account holders from the USA that the bank had. While the golf game was going on UBS fall guy Bradley Birkenfeld was sentenced to 40 months in jail but his sentence does not start yet so he can appeal sentencing.

While this debacle takes place numerous citizens banking in UBS are sweating out whether or not their names were turned over. If they settle they may avoid jail but pay big penalties. The IRS will audit them and if they find other things jail could result. If the people do nothing and their name gets turned over then the IRS may very well go through the formalities of a trail and these people could get enough jail time to die in jail. And why is the head of UBS in America playing golf with the President while the clients his operation acted as facilitator for and who he conspired with to fraud on taxes go to prison?
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