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Old 25-02-09, 03:57 PM
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Thumbs up Ethos Credit Clear Services Important Update

Moving claims to the professionals…

To Existing Clients…

As you know, some months ago, we set about the business of helping you to prove your loans and/or credit cards as unenforceable, as set out by the 1974 Consumer Credit Act (CCA). It has been shown that as a whole, we have all been manipulated into a sub-prime category, extorted by high interest charges, (our credit card companies would have been sentenced to death just a few hundred years ago – EXTORTION = USURY!) and improperly sold and administered credit agreements, and that the majority of all pre April 6th 2007 credit agreements, breach the guidelines and lending practices as set out by the Government, in accordance with the 1974 CCA.

We knew that the ‘lenders’ would not readily admit liability to these facts and that it would be a hefty fight to draw a conclusion from the ‘lenders’, to agree to the alleged debts as unenforceable. We did not foresee however, a blatant disregard for the law and ultimately, the unlawful taking of monies from people’s associated bank accounts, creation of overdrafts, and the serving of default notices, while/when an agreement is being proven, or is found to be, unenforceable at law.

The CCA clearly states, that we are legally entitled to stop making payments, when a ‘lender’ fails his duties and requirements under the act. This has been held in blatant disregard, and we must now seek to take the appropriate legal action with the right legal team, to stop these ‘Bankers’ inflicting any more unwarranted harm and distress upon us…

Over the last year, I have had the privilege of meeting and talking with many Solicitors, and legal experts, even an ex-district judge, all well versed in the Consumer Credit Act. It is my opinion, that what I am about to share with you, is the best possible solution to continue the challenge and prove your existing credit agreement challenges with us, as unenforceable.

The really good news, is that this route also gives us the opportunity to seek remuneration where due, as ‘The Claims Warehouse’, who will not only ‘Audit’ your Credit Agreement and pursue on your behalf, a claim for the remaining balance of the Credit Agreement to be deemed unenforceable, but will also, where possible, seek reimbursement of repayments made, plus statutory interest and for all future repayments to be discontinued.

With the help of the Directors at The Claims Warehouse, we have arranged a very unique agreement with one of The UK’s leading ‘Consumer Credit Act’ Team of Solicitors – ‘Ratio Money’.

‘The Claims Warehouse’ and ‘Ratio Money’ challenge credit agreements on all levels, including Store Cards, Credit Cards, Secured and Unsecured loans, Car Finance, etc., with a balance between £1000 and £25,000, for just £295!! –

We will cover this £295 cost for any case challenges we are currently helping you with.

As I have stated previously, this is a great opportunity to not only write off our credit debt, but to possibly seek compensation and remuneration from the ‘lenders’, which has not been available to us under our previous approach in challenging agreements.

‘The Claims Warehouse’ will also challenge second charges applied to properties, challenge the misadministration of Mortgages and seek remuneration for just £495, and PPI remuneration on a NO Win – No Fee basis.

What really inspires me with this ‘customer orientated’ organization is;

· There are NO BACK-END FEES or commissions charged, or taken, from you the client.

· **The certificate of guarantee that the clients will never have to pay anything more towards the legal fees and there are NO back-end fees levied on the client.

· The fact that they challenge agreements under £5000 – Many Claims Companies don’t bother due to lack of profit!

· **The Escrow account system to protect clients from adverse credit, defaults and debt collectors.

** Please see terms and conditions

Please contact Ethos Head office who will send you the necessary forms.

The Ethos Credit Clear Services Team
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