Ethos Pflanzen Elixer
Complementary Therapy for Plants (and trees).

Detox for plants!

Ethos Pflanzen Elixer is a ground breaking product formulated to rejuvenate and revitalise plants.

Applying the Elixer regenerates the soil in a holistic and totally natural way using both physical and biological methods. There are no man made chemicals or other toxic substances - all the ingredients are natural and safe.
Look how this rose bush recovered after just two applications of Ethos Pflanzen Elixer -


Just follow the instructions below and be prepared for stunning results: -
  • Struggling plants brought back to life
  • Renewed vigour and vitality
  • Stronger colour and fragrance
  • Fresh young growth from mature plants
  • As your plants become healthier, watch the harmful parasites disappear
  • Your plants will love it
Important Note: - Ethos Pflanzen Elixer is NOT a replacement for the essential nutrients that your plant needs to grow strong and healthy.
  • Mix Ethos Pflanzen Elixer with clean water - 1ml Elixer to 10 litres water (1 ml = 15 drops) and stir thoroughly.
  • Do NOT apply in full sun.
  • If applying by pouring onto soil then best results are achieved if used in the morning.
  • If spraying then Ethos Pflanzen Elixer works best if used in the evening.
Outdoor: - Apply 1 litre of mixture to 1 sq m of area of soil to be treated during spring to autumn. Repeat at 3 week intervals for a minimum of 4 applications.
Indoor: - Thoroughly water plants with mixture at 3 week intervals for a minimum of 4 applications. Your plants will also benefit from a light spray of the mixture over the foliage.
Trees: - You may need to make some approximations on size.
1) Measure the span of the tree in metres (span is overall diameter of the foliage).
2) Measure the height of the tree in metres
3) Total amount of mixture needed = span x height x 3 in litres
Example: Tree has a span of 6 metres and height of 5 metres.
Amount needed = 6 x 5 x 3 = 90 litres. This will require 9ml of Ethos Pflanzen Elixer (135 drops).

Pour the mixed solution evenly under the whole area of the foliage.

Repeat at monthly intervals during growing season. If spraying, also spray the trunk and foliage.