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Ethos Endymion Sport – take 1 gm per day for every 20 kg of body weight. If you weigh 80 kg then 4 gm/day. Dissolve the daily dose in a litre bottle of mineral water or fresh fruit juice and then drink from the bottle regularly throughout the day so that the last drops are drank just before sleeping. For athletes it is recommended to take an extra 2g to 3g thirty minutes before an event or a heavy training session.

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Get the Edge AND Reverse the Damage…


Discover why 3 x British Thai boxing Champion


Emmanuel Iwenjiora uses Ethos Endymion Carnosine…

3 x British Thai boxing Champion Emmanuel Iwenjiora (pictured right)

“Like most athletes I credit a lot of my success to using the right supplements in my training. Ethos Endymion Carnosine is by far the best training supplement I have ever researched and used.


Not only has carnosine given me everything my body needs to work at optimum levels without the side effects, it also repairs and rejuvenates my whole body, repairing the training any bad diet damage built up over the years. It’s what I call real advanced nutrition and smart supplementation.” – Emmanuel Iwenjiora


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100% natural Carnosine is set to transform the Sports and Health Nutrition Industry.

World Leading Nutritionists and Scientists alike are stating that: “Carnosine will be as popular as vitamin A; C; D & E are today.”

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“Carnosine is a 100% natural and effective performance enhancing compound that should be taken by every athlete.”

Carnosine is naturally occurring in the eyes, brain, cardiac muscle, kidney, and stomach, and in large amounts in the type II skeletal muscles, the fast twitch muscles mainly used for explosive sports and training such as weight training, boxing, martial arts and sprinting. As Carnosine levels deplete with age, each of these vital organs function less effectively, repair slower and become more susceptible to disease or damage.

For the past 100 years Carnosine has been widely studied for its effects on improving wound healing, antioxidant activity and for its anti-ageing properties, but we aim to address the benefits of Carnosine for improving training and sports performance.

Many of you reading this article have felt that intense burning sensation that weight training produces. This is because the pH in your muscles and blood decrease during training, causing them to become too acidic, hence the intense burning sensation. It is literally like your muscles are on fire! Would you like less burn?

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