Please note that Ethos does not approve or condone the use of ‘Spam’ or unsolicited commercial e-mail as considers itself a leader in the Network Marketing, Internet based email marketing industry. If you received an email from one of our marketing associates, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons:

· The marketing associate and yourself are on the same opt-in list.

· You have responded to one of the marketing associates advertisements.

· You have sent an email to the marketing associates email address.

· The marketing associate responded to one of your marketing efforts.

Therefore, as you have agreed to receive email messages, our marketing associates emails cannot be considered as ‘Spam’, as long as the sender includes their contact information and a method of removal.

Note: If you feel you have received a message in error and want to notify us, please click here to submit a complaint regarding ‘Spam’, which we will investigate immediately.