MAXPower Water4Health Conditioner

The Ethos Water4Helth Conditioner is the very latest innovation in the next generation of MAXPower units.

What is the new Ethos MAXPower Water4Helth Conditioner?

The Ethos MAXPower Water4Helth Conditioner simply clips around the water supply pipe to your property and conditions the water supplied to the entire property. The condtioned water then has excellent health properties and this also helps to stop the formation of limescale build up in both your pipes and appliances. Its unique triple-pole field effectively mimics the change in field effects associated with expensive electronic water conditioners but without the need for supportive power or connective wiring in.

The unit differs from a conventional water softener in that a water softener adds salts to the water which then makes it undrinkable but many of the associated benefits found from fitting a MAXPower Water4Health conditioner are very similar. For example, users report that soap lathers easier, especially in hard water areas, and they need to use a lot less detergents in their washing machines which also helps to save our environment. People also notice far less limescale build-up on shower heads and surfaces and they can be used for a lot longer between cleaning operations.

The Ethos MAXPower Water4Helth Conditioner

The picture on the left, above, represents the CaCo3 crystals found in hard water. The picture on the right represents the softer, smoother aragonite crystals after being conditioned by the MAXPower water unit. These crystals no longer stick together and adhere themselves to your plumbing and appliances, and simply pass through them harmlessly.

Just look at the pile of limescale which came from these three water cylinders

There are many benefits to fitting an Ethos MAXPower Water4Health Conditioning Unit and some of these include the following:

  • The excellent health benefits

  • Inhibits and breaks down limescale

  • No supportive power is needed

  • Keeps shower heads clean

  • Is environmentally friendly

  • Uses proven technology

  • Is installed in minutes

  • No tools are required

  • Use less detergents

  • Is maintenance free

  • Extends heater life

  • Saves you money

Healthy Benefits
There is mounting scientific evidence confirming the many excellent health benefits of drinking magnetically treated water. Conditioning with the MAXPower Water Unit keeps all the salts and minerals in suspension in the water that are good for you, as opposed to their being deposited inside your plumbing system and appliances. Drinking Magnetically Treated Water (MTW) is said to help greatly the body, and especially with the following conditions:

  • Helps to reduce the clogging of arteries & regulates heart function

  • Helps to reduce plaque build-up on teeth when used for brushing

  • Helps to reduce the likelihood of kidney stones forming

  • Helps to balance and normalise the body's natural pH

  • Helps to improve brain function and mental acuity

  • Helps to reduce swelling and relieve pain

  • Helps to increase energy levels

More Benefits
Increased crop yields can be seen when crops are watered with magnetically treated water when MAXPower water conditions are fitted to their irrigation systems.

See this study on MTW Irrigation of Biologically Grown Melons: - Click Here

Fitting them to swimming pool pumping systems reduces the amount of chlorine and other chemicals needed and also helps to reduce the build-up and growth of algae, which helps to keep the water crystal clear for longer. Exactly the same is found with garden fish ponds.

The Ethos MAXPower Water Unit

Fitting & Applications
For the average domestic house, one unit should be fitted to the rising water main where it first enters the property and is usually found in the kitchen. This unit will then treat all of the water throughout. In houses with a cold water tank in the loft, a second unit is also recommended to be fitted to the cold supply pipe coming from the tank as, when the water is stood overnight, the effects of the conditioning will gradually wear off again as it reverts back to how it was before.

The two halves of the unit simply clamp around the water pipe as shown in the picture above and can be secured in place with the nylon ties provided.

It literally is as simple as that. There are no tools required, or cutting of pipes nor any supportive power or other installation headaches. Once fitted, the magnetic properties of the unit are guaranteed for life with a less than 1% drop in power over 90 years. So simply fit, forget and enjoy the benefits.

In very hard areas where there are severe limescale problems, additional units may be fitted on the supply pipe to individual applications like showers, washing machines and dish washers etc, to give them even more protection but, in most areas, one or two units as described above will suffice.

For industrial applications like greenhouses, swimming pools, hotels, office buildings etc. multiple units will more than likely be required so please contact us directly for a more detailed estimation.